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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's my problem?

Damn.....that's a loaded question.....one I should never post in a forum inviting folks to comment. Yet I have been asking myself this for the past month. To summarize what I'm wondering MAY be my problem, I will commence with the airing of grievances a la "Festivus"

1) While riding a bike to celebrate the new year, a guy died pretty brutally in front of us. Every spill I take, and perhaps leading up to the obstacle I'm spilling over....a little of that sticks in my mind. I still ride every day, but it's probably preventing me from riding the way I am truly capable of right now. The proof.....I've taken some spills on sections which I've never taken spills on....rag-dolling down rock faces and dislocating my middle finger in the process....some days it looks like a hot-dog. Try squeezing a bike brake with a throbbing hot-dog attached to your hand......THIS IS A PROBLEM.

2) My ghetto tubeless system on my bike has completely failed and I am unable to recreate the magic which is the ghetto tubeless tire. All attempts to air up and snap the bead to the rim have failed in several 1.5hr long, agonizing, slimy, messy, curse filled episodes within my garage. I have resorted to running slime tubes which are heavy, change the handling characteristics somewhat and change how I ride considerably. Over the past 4 months on tubeless, I've had zero flats. I've had 3 flats in the past week because of snake-bites....due to the fact that I'm used to running ridiculously low pressures on my tubeless....and I'm trying to recreate the magic, only with tubes (mea culpa). I have now spent more money and ordered a commercial system as a last ditch effort to go tubeless, but I am skeptical due to my preferred tire choice and broke-dick rims......THIS IS A PROBLEM.

3) My P.O.S. home oven is dying. It will work for 5 minutes, and then go into a default-mode....crying wolf by displaying a code which means that it is overheating. This then shuts the oven down, thus leaving your pizza or casserole woefully undercooked. I know that plunking down 200 bucks could get me a new circuit board which is the culprit....but I did this last year due to the same problem. Why is the circuit board frying every year....probably because the oven is poorly designed and is lacking in any manner of thermal shielding for said circuit board. So I am resigned to either spend 200 bucks each year for an erratic circuit board.....or buy a new oven with the IRS bucks coming back my way........THIS IS A PROBLEM.

4) Lastly....perhaps I am just being lame this month........qui tacet consentire videtur.....THIS IS A PROBLEM.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you've got way more problems than space on this blog. But just to be brief, I see one galring problem that you omitted, the BCS collapse of the OU Sooners.

Anonymous said...

so true, so true....man that hurts.

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