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I like to ski, mountain bike, drink beer, cook and listen to any jam band I can get my hands on; all while making a complete ass of myself. Hopefully this catharsis is as interesting to others as it is to me.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My bike is better than me

Last Sunday I headed up to Globe to ride 6-shooter canyon. I can't top the posts of others, so I steer you to a more complete trip report through the fine postings of chollaball, or U2metoo's post on MTBR; however I will take this opportunity to focus on one picture taken by chollaball. For those interested in the holistic experience, please refer to the linked posts above by the folks who I had the pleasure of riding with. U2metoo has produced a pretty cool video of the trip located at either of the links above to include a scene showing the incident I am describing below.

I, however, want to focus on the ride from my point of view and from my new love, LaFawnduh. From this picture, you can clearly see that my bike has let me down; more specifically, it has dropped me like I was hot….but I’m not. My bike is way better than me….plain and simple. I’m not saying that LaFawnduh has let me down in the emotional sense or more specifically that she has disappointed me, rather; she has dumped me. My skills are well below the potential that LaFawnduh deserves, and occasionally she reminds me of this. When I look at myself on LaFawnduh, I am reminded of the picture of Truman Capote and Marilyn Monroe dancing….something does not look right. In this scenario, I am to Capote as LaFawnduh is to Monroe…..clearly a mismatch has occurred.

I’m not saying I won’t ever get better, but for now one could say that I have married well. The last time I felt such a void between the “potential of me” through top-notch equipment and the “reality of me” as exhibited by my marginal skills was a little less than 20 years ago when I was learning to ski. I had just bought my first real piece of ski equipment….a North Face Jacket – Scott Schmidt signature model….damn that thing looked good. But it quickly became apparent to me that the jacket looked better than my skiing did. This disturbed me, much like the picture of Capote and Monroe. I’ve never been one to pose, or to be a poseur; so I threw the gauntlet down at my feet, dug deep, and worked hard on skills to the point where my skiing said everything one needed to know about me….not the jacket. Flashing forward, I feel the same sense of dichotomy and void when I ride LaFawnduh. She is clearly a Formula 1 race car, and I; a Tommy Boy-esque like character behind the wheel....."I'm out here getting my ass kicked and every time I drive down the road. I wanna jerk the wheel INTO A GODDAMNED BRIDGE EMBANKMENT."

So with great humility and a sense of purpose; I am throwing down my gauntlet once more and challenging myself to push myself beyond my ability each and every ride. I made this pledge last year when I was first learning to ride, but I failed to move the bar up after achieving my initial goals. I’ve been resting on this comfortable plateau for a few months now, but it’s time to move on. I’ve ordered up some armor to protect my naked shins and knees from the inevitable scrapes, bumps and punctures which have plagued me this last year and have placed me on the bench occasionally or forced me to ride conservatively on longer days. I will now hammer obstacles over and over again until I see improvement, much as I did on skis. In the end….this is fun for me….solving problems. It just took me riding LaFawnduh for a week or so to realize that I was no longer solving problems….LaFawnduh was….by dumping me…in the creek…on my ass…..supine….with cameras flashing.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Without further ado, I give you LaFawnduh

As my previous posts explained, I've had a bit of a bike crisis. So I did what any sane person would do....I threw money at the problem and bought another blue bike. Here is the result of my efforts:

The guys at Adventure bike have been good to me over the last year, so I decided to throw some business their way and step my game up some more. It may be blue like my Jenna, but this one comes with a major difference.....

For a 5.5" travel bike, the suspension is pretty tight when pedaling...but soaks up everything else out there.

True to her name, I broke some personal speed records on the down just the first time out

Please don't misread my intentions here....I still love my HiFi and always will, but this new bike has something....everything I wanted in a bike, but never knew before riding this one. I'm still swapping out my components off of the HiFi and putting them on the new bike and fine tuning the suspension...which leads me to the issue of what to name her.

In riding along yesterday, I realized that in comparison to each other; there really are no comparisons. The two bikes are both great, but they each excel at different things. So asking me to equate one to another is patently unfair. I, however, can offer these observations from my last bike ride.

The HiFi is a goat...it can climb just about anything with my skills being the limiting factor.

But that comes at a cost on the down. The bike is downright twitchy given it's steep headtube and roughs me up on these AZ trails.....kinda like this.....

The Mach 5 on the otherhand, floats through the rough like a landrover. It does give up a bit on the climb because it's got more "junk in the trunk".....and then it hit me

This bike has more junk in the trunk than a honda....that's why I'm gonna call her LaFawnduh. I'll be writing up a more complete review when i get everything spec'd out, dialed in and locked down. Until then, call me Kip when you see me.....Peace out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I can't take it anymore, so.....

........it's coming

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brittle Failure

I'm devastated. Pictures tell a thousand words....or is it stories.....or is it a picture says a thousand words....wait....how can a picture "tell" anything? Anyways....I was "Just Riding Along - JRA" and then this happened. Might as well cut off my hands, tell me I can't drink beer, watch football or surf the internets. Hopefully....resolution will come swiftly....I can't hold out by supplementing my cardio (or stoke meter) by running in place in the gym like some lab rat while listening to some death metal. Luckily, a good Samaritan in the neighborhood (chollaball) has offered to let me ride one of his rigs on Sunday....it's good to know that others feel my pain (que some music by the Cure.....audience rolls their eyes), fade to black.....curtain down.