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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yesterday was my off Friday, which means getting out of the heat to go ride in the pines. Turning north to the rim, I set out to ride an out and back on the General Crook from it's intersection with highway 87, 25 miles out to Dane Spring, look for a decent at large camping spot for the 4th of July weekend with Mrs. maadjurguer and furry beasts and then return. If my online mapping was correct, this would give me a nice even 50 miles with close to 5 grand in elevation gained....turn-n-burn time at 7500 ft.

With only a 20% chance of thunderstorms after 11am, and a hard stop for riding at 1pm due to box seats at the Diamondbacks game back down in PHX later in the evening, I figured that I needed to leave the car no later than 8 to be back in PHX by 3. In the end, I was only off by 30 minutes or so.....I forgot to factor in lollygaggin time....

The chevrons on the tree mark the General Crook trail along it's length...not that I needed it....just keep the trees on one side.....

.....the cliffs on the other side.....and the rubber side down....it's all good.

Arriving at Dane Spring, I noticed the cabin needed a little fixing up....

But the view out the window wasn't half bad.

The spring was still running, cool and clear

.....but I filtered it anyways...I mean, I enjoy reading Dirt Rag on the toilet as much as the next guy...but I can't say sitting on the toilet for hours on end is better than sitting on a saddle for hours on end.

I almost lost myself at the spring, smelling the roses....or more appropriately, rosa arizonica. I was lucky to see this guy....the flowers only last one day. They're also noted for their very fragrant hips which make a great tea.

On the last climb back to the car, I had to stop and snap a shot of the Golden Columbine, aquilegia chrysantha.

Standing out on a hillside full of impossibly green ferns, it made for a worthy stop.

Total time: 5:09
Moving time: 4:46
Lollygaggin time: 23 minutes
Distance: 50.08 miles
Vertical ft gained: 5010


chollaball said...

very nice. hope to tag along with you sometime and get a tour. a few more of those and you will be very ready for the Crazy 88.

Mike said...

Rim country is a sweet getaway. Mind emailing me your tracks? I'd like to explore that area too. I'm also up for a tour.

Anonymous said...

I like that handlebar Pano.
c u at the 88 if not before. We will be camping fri and sat. tRoy

Anonymous said...

Mike...you should have the gpx track in your inbox now...took me a while to get my stuff together after the holiday week and a week out of town for biz.

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