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Friday, September 4, 2009

It snowed in the Tetons today....my heart is near

It's that time of year again....College football is here.....the weather is hovering around 100 degrees F.......all the riding buddies are sick of night rides at Hawes at 97 degrees F.....and this seasons ski porn videos are here. These have been posted by folks whose blogs I read....but I like them all in one place......I hope you do to....because sometimes when the sun is still beating us down....we all need our fix. These constitute my favorite ski flick makers these days...breaking the traditional ski porn paradigm by getting back to close in shots showing emotion, movement and flow.....throwing off their backs the long lens, heli enabled shots of old.....these generate feelings in my soul which are much closer aligned to the core of what it actually feels like to be absent from life....living a powder day. For those of you on slower connections, I've enabled HD video (because it's the only way to watch this art)....so it's worth your while to start the video and pause it for a few minutes so the trailer can load.....it's well worth it. Enjoy:

1st up...this seasons release by Powderwhore Productions - Flakes

2nd up....and in no particular order....this seasons release by Sweetgrass - Signatures

And last, but certainly not least....a history lesson.....by VAS Entertainment - Swift, Silent, Deep


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