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Friday, September 30, 2011

Powderwhore's flick for the season

It's that time of year again folks....the annual gear guides have been out for a month and the pages of these magazines adorning my home are now as ragged and chapped as last seasons skins; wrapped in their bag all summer, eagerly waiting for that first snowy encounter of the season.  With temps still in the absurd range....we can all still live vicariously and watch from our comfy chairs, beer in hand.  I've always loved Powderwhore's entire approach to the ski flick....moving beyond the ski-porn which dominated the 2000's....these flicks capture the soul of the sport as much as the stoke.  Just a note....check out the zipper at 3:13 in this flick....I've watched it several times and am hoping I avoid that dragon for just one more season.....



ImaFred said...

ha... reminds me of their first flick with the wizard of wasatch segments...good stuff!

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