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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The groundskeeper

the solitary solace i find in mind,
a noble fancy, the passage of time.
Windswept emotions cry foul before others,
mistaken in their magnitude they garner regret,
of the fun I have on wheels in spite of threat.

your sunrise comes blowing on whisper and glow,
scent of grass and pine, my pace slows.
but for a time when I breathe in the scene before me,
a calming of sorts, the quiet of morning, the still day transforming,
we'll never be the same, "this light is tremendous", i yell in mourning.

the earth exhales as the sun grows higher,
creating a symphony of light and sensation, my sweat starts flowing.
I stop for water, a drink of thought, a thought extreme
a notions fancy, a moonlight scream.

In your motion I see no other, a wisp of notion, a smell o'dream;
your scream for me now, to wander across body
is lightened by patience, an exercise extreme;
your mysteries unfold, a novels untold,
stories unknown, and action in bold.

a higher path is claimed asunder, a ride which transforms,
forged in thunder.
a thought that pierces beyond the mists,
a mind a'wandered
the deserts below the peaks uplifted', the canyons wont speak,
for you lie naked alone,

I am the groundskeeper, a seeker of truths, 
a bier of sorrows, you exist in mind, 
and alone you heed.
Yet in my mind a new truth exists,
the pedal that stops, the grounding in mist,
the dust that forms low, on my face and furrow,
is the last breath taken,
the show,
is over.


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