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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Fling 09'

The Pre-Fling Ride was last night. Joined by some folks from the MTBR forum, we rolled Hawes for a Sunset/Night ride with drinks at Joes afterwords. Here is the link to the Spring Fling Site with details on the rides going on...and links to the pics folks are taking....they'll be posting up pics of the rides faster than I can and will be updated each day...so keep on checking.

On the PSA side of things...I want to remind folks that Skiing is not any more dangerous just because a famous actress dies skiing while taking a lesson on a bunny slope...regardless of what the media, attorneys and the rest of the talking heads would lead you to believe. Remember...they are compensated with publicity & free air time (more valuable than money these days) for saying edgy and controversial things. More people still die each year from falling off their toilets than from ski areas accidents. Soooo....wear those helmets while shitting lest you have Sanjay Gupta talking about you on Larry King Live.


Anonymous said...

no kidding about the helmets! 10 yrs ago maybe...but today they are so cheap and so light and the benefits are so well known its willful stupidity as a noob to pass on one. Kinda like wearing knee pads on National - oooh snap :)

Anonymous said...

fair enough a dig....I'm on my way to SMC today to get some pads....then I'm really gonna throw myself at National.

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