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Friday, March 27, 2009

My 1st Birthday

I recently had my 1st birthday. It was 15 MAR 08....what an awesome day that was. The heady atmosphere of those days still brings a warm smile to my face. I can still remember bringing Jenna home from the bike shop, proud as any new parent could be. I then proceeded to really learn to ride a bike....not what had been dancing in my dreams all those weeks prior to taking my first ride. I've come a long day from those 1st tentative clipless pedal strokes with no safety net but the rocks and cholla lining every turn at Hawes....I always do things the hard way. But along the way I've also learned to go with the flow from time to time.

I've learned the value of a good glove....and to always use them, regardless of how freakishly white your hands look in comparison to the rest of your arms.

I've also learned....scratch that....learning....that just because Jeremiah Johnson had no use for urgent care, does not mean that you have no use for urgent care. Patching oneself up when you clearly need stitches is stupid....unless you're' Jeremiah Johnson....then that's just rad.

I've learned that cactus doesn't hurt as bad as it looks, as long as it's not attached to your cuticle or your nut-sack.

I've learned to really like bike porn......

I mean....really like bike porn.

I even picked up a car color which matches my bike...not the other way around.

I've sought the infinite beauty of radial spikes......

while traveling on the finite simplicity of radial spokes.

Despite all of this, I've learned not to take myself too seriously while riding....

And have reaffirmed my commitment to quality post-ride recovery drinks.

I don't yet know what the next year (my second year) will hold for me and Jenna...but I know it will look something like this.


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