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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things seen and poorly explained

I had a great easy ride on Sunday, listening to some head music by Coyote Oldman....rolling through the colors of the desert, stopping to investigate anything that caught my fancy.

I heard...not saw....a swarm of killer bees somewhere off in the canyon....the sound was amazing...like a low, reverberating C note. It's sound was focused off of the canyon walls and channeled down towards me on the trail....I moved on.

Hummingbirds were everywhere....stopping to investigate the red on my SRAM cassette as it lay propped against a saguaro...what a disappointment that must have been to taste what looked like a spiky white flower with red innards...only to come away with the metal/grease taste of a well maintained drive train.....I moved on.

Lizards were out sunning themselves on rocks, looking like yogi's in upward dog poses...leaping off boulders upon my approach and sprinting down the singletrack ahead of me....beating me in the process before veering off the track under some brittlebrush.....I moved on.

Snakes were everywhere also, giving my heart a stop as I bunny-hoped over some of them. Some of them, seen to late, were run over...only to continue on after flattening their bodies beneath my knobbies. Luckily, none of them were rattlers.....I moved on.

Fuzzy giants

Fallen Giant...note the impaled bee...SOL

Gold in the hills

What a saguaro sees when trying to look at its feet

Every Rose has it's thorn...or two.


Hedgehog flower

The one I had to bunny hop


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