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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mack Brown rewrites history....again

All I've been posting lately are bike or ski related posts.....but nearly at the same time, two different people who know me brought something to my attention which drew me out of the powder-lust and bike riding fantasy world I've been living in since the end of college football 08'.

Some of you who were following the blog last year may remember a tongue in cheek article I posted which was written at Mack Brown's expense regarding his revisionist history. Now....I'll be the first to admit it was a farce....lest you really believe that Hitler invaded France simply for style points....but I digress.

However....this time....it's for real! Mack Brown and the university of texas whorns are rewriting history because they can't stomach the fact that they didn't win the Big-12 trophy this year........The University of Oklahoma won that distinguished trophy. Granted...it was through the BCS formulation....but can anyone(aghem....Mack) actually claim to be the real winner in a game such as chess, even though they lose, simply because "the rules suck"? Of course not.

If any of you would like to see how this sleaze bag is rewriting history....it involves the "removal" of an asterisk and a Bevo size pile of hubris. Oh yeah....the president of that stockyard of a school down in Austin is also spending school money to "award" the coaches for winning the Big-12. Shocked that even the administration would get involved? Don't forget; over-sized egos combined with delusions of grandeur have been a UT hallmark since the Alamo. I guess even the president of UT was not immune to the sultry advances of ole Mack which have been perfected in numerous illegal recruiting trips and smarmy tactics aimed at wooing impressionable youths. Sounds to me like these guys think they're the Ewing boys off of the TV show, Dallas. It's as if they'd rather spend money better spent elevating the academics of that penis colony (err....penal colony) they call a university on more plasma screens for Mack Brown's house.....think I'm making that up too.....well after you watch the video above....read this. By the way.....is it too soon to put my "Countdown to OU-texas" up on the blog???


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