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Monday, November 16, 2009


Just a light post here....I headed out to do a Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast ride on National trail out at SoMo this weekend as a warm up for FOTP. I made the hour cut off to the Buena Vista parking lot with no problem, so that concern was wiped from my brain having never done the FOTP before....I'll post more on that after the ride which is to go off, the day after Turkey Day.

I can't say that it was a true C2C2C....so I use the little "c" for the middle point simply because we did not feel like riding the last 1.5 miles or so of un-redeeming, XC across the bajada....so we turned around.

I met up with NoelG and FATTRAXX from MTBR at 730....the air was pretty crisp, but as the sun's rays broke through the horizon, I quickly warmed up.

The views, as usual were striking; with the natural pancake like rock-forms contrasting against the grid-like precision of the city down below.

Do the towers make me look fat?

The raw front range of the Estrella's come into clear view as one heads farther out west on National.....

So much so, that we all felt compelled to stop and look.
26 miles, 4520 vert climbed. The old adage of 1 mile at SoMo feels like 2 everywhere else holds true. My IT band can testify....the first flare up I've had since the 88. I'm going to have to nurse it if I'm to make the FOTP pain free.


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