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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pigs on the Wing

I decided to start logging my body changes as my "prep" begins for FOTP on Friday morning........

I'll be updating my weight changes on this post as the "pre-Turkey", "post-Turkey", "pre-ride" and "post-ride" progresses. It will be funny to see how a total disregard for ride and pre-ride nutrition schedule will affect things. I took the 88 seriously back in August, and managed to not lose any weight during that time...which tells me my nutrition was spot on. I suppose I may even gain weight on this ride despite ~70 miles and ~6500 feet of climbing....simply because of the discretionary beer, bacon and Ding-dong stops.......Oink, Oink!

Starting Friday morning, check out my SPOT track here....I'll try hitting the "OK" button for every beer, bacon and Twinkie stop I make.

Pre-Turkey Dinner Weight: -147.4 lbs, Wednesday Night....let the cooking and beer drinking begin.
Post-Turkey Dinner Weight: -153.8, Turkey with Mole was yummy
Pre-Ride Weight: -197 lbs......my weight with bike and gear gear...my bike weighs 27 lbs, so my clothes and pack came in at 16 lbs.
Post-Ride Weight: -149 lbs....and this is my weight after chowing down at the party afterwords. I ate a chili cheese hot dog, a cheeseburger, 2 "Bevinator" chocolate chip cookies (giant), a plate full of Doritos, two beers, an oatmeal raisin cookie and perhaps 6 slices of cheese with a handful of water crackers. I figure that was a solid 2 lbs of food....so my pre-turkey and post ride are roughly equal. I'll post up later with specifics.


Jim Beam said...

Only 2 beers ! ? Weak ;-)

Anonymous said...

yeah....since I was driving home across town, I kept it in check :(.....it hurt too since they had a two kegs, one being some Kiltlifter....

chollaball said...

you rode for like 12 hrs and all the details i get are you gained 3lbs? nice job!

Anonymous said...

Just for you Cholla...I've posted up my trip report. the post above is my "eat" report.

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