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Thursday, July 8, 2010

2 weeks of pain, discomfort and silence

It's been two weeks from my last post....and I feel a bit bad about it.  It's not that I expect to produce material on a constant basis, nor do I expect my readership to get too disappointed when I don't ramble on about flowers, or canyons or bike rides (or radness).  I do however, expect myself to make full use of my unemployed time doing soul-rewarding things....things that make my heart sing and employed folks drool into their morning coffee within the confines of their cubicles.

Instead, I've been trudging along on rides in pain and silence; not finding the inspiration to take pictures because it would prolong the ride(pain).  I've come home to relax, only to feel discomfort and unusual exhaustion.  For the past two weeks, I've felt a constant pounding ache in my joints....much like the flu....only I have no other symptoms.  And I'm not talkin' just my movin' joints (knees & hips), but the weird joints that the bike and adventures I've found myself in would not really affect (neck, wrist, ankle, etc).  In addition, I've felt a sluggishness in my legs that I can't explain away completely.  The questions I have go like this:

-  Could it be that I've overloaded myself with physical activity and it's catching up to me? Probable, but not definitive.
-  Could it be that I have lyme disease? Possible, but not probable since I've not experienced a bite nor did I notice any localized rash or circular inflammation consistent with a tick bite.
-  Could stress be part and parcel for why I'm feeling this way?  Probable, but I'm ignorant as to just how significant this may play a role.
-  Could I be overtraining in expectation for a big month of rides?  Probable....but it does not feel like I'm overdoing it.

So.....as a cheep out....I'm going to draw a fence around the problem and blame it on all three of the "Probables" coming together like three sine waves, amplifying themselves into a monster.  I have been unusually active, mostly in an attempt to keep my sanity in a time of extreme stress....which is manifesting itself in a tougher and more frequent training schedule for some long rides.

I lost my love for riding for about a month starting last August last year after my first big ride when I was forcing it to happen....and had a subsequent melt-down.  Others I talked to, experienced similar feelings in the similar situation...but had enough experience to cope with it.  I think I have that experience now, enough so to know when to not ride when I'm not "feeling it".  So perhaps this is why I'm feeling lucky, yet disappointed at the same time.  I'm conflicted in this way because 2 of the 3 big rides in the next month will not happen.  The CABRA ride is not happening this weekend......the Crazy 88 might not happen unless the FS approves an alternate route....which leaves me the 12-Hours at Night in Prescott Race in just over a week, of which I've signed up in the solo category.

I was previously treating this as a throw away.....a tune-up to the 88.  It's now looking like all my marbles will be on this for the next few weeks....which is mentally tough for me to transition into since it's a different format than I'm used to.....and I always like being prepared....or perhaps I'll wear a chicken suit for the race and do a beer with each lap.  I'm determined not to throw away the gains I've made in terms of knee health and cardio power for these rides....yet my body is telling me something that I can't ignore....something that requires a chicken suit.  The mind is determined to see results given my down-payment....and the body is telling me it's time to settle my bar tab because it's closing time.....you don't have to go home....you just can't stay here.


Chad said...

If 88 is postponed, it could be time for some Kaibab. I hear the North Rim is lovely in August.

Dan said...

You could include Valley Fever in the list of probables. Cases have gone way up lately.

Anonymous said...

@Dan: Hrmmmm....you're the second person to mention Valley Fever....I always thought that one was effectively inoculated against Valley once it was contracted.....but perhaps not.....come to think of it...I've been battling an ongoing tightness in my chest that comes and goes....I think I'll go see the Dr.

@Chad: send me an email and tell me more

daralyn said...

The mind-body connection can not be understated.

Anonymous said...

@dara....point taken...but that's a double edged sword too.

daralyn said...

Definitely. One affects the other. Chicken and egg.

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