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I like to ski, mountain bike, drink beer, cook and listen to any jam band I can get my hands on; all while making a complete ass of myself. Hopefully this catharsis is as interesting to others as it is to me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Worthy of a reprint - shameless self promotion

OK......life has been very busy.....I have no time to blog about my radness...since the only rad thing I've done is work out a strategic capture plan for KPAC....and no one likes powerpoint....so I'll spare you the play-by-play and give you the synopsis:  I'm gonna get them money.  In lieu of any worthwhile activity to shoot or write about, I present to you the only rad thing going on which just arrived in the mail today.....

If you want more....and you should......considering we're on the verge of yet another great winter....then check out Backcountry Magazine at your local news stand or online.

Happy turns and well wishes for everyone finding your spaces between.....I'm off to go burn some skis for Ullr.


daralyn said...

You are a published author! That is so rad.

Anonymous said...

and your husband a published photog....that's so epic.

ScottM said...

Nicely done.

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