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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Day Freakshow Ride

With my recent transportation situation being constrained, I'm riding more than skiing these days.  Still, my activities from the past week read like a best hit list:  Powder with friends in Wolf Creek, Pass Mountain with friends (where I got the tail end of the slickrock for the first time.....W00t!), and followed by a ride with friends at SoMo on National.  Only, this was an eccentric ride:  The NEW YEARS DAY FREAKSHOW RIDE, or NYDFR for short.
Photo by Amy Garza (L-R: Angus Young, Chino Bandido, Crockett, DurtGurl, Becks, Dan'l Boone, Ricola Sam) 

Chongo came up with the idea after a bit of drunken pontificating on my part regarding townies on Natty...only Chongo actually made this idea feasible and work, c'est la vie!  I have to say, when I woke on the 1st, I really was not feeling it as I had no idea what I was going to wear.  I walked into my closet in a futile stab at confirming my lameness, when a raccoon skin hat and overalls stared right back at me.  In 5 minutes, I was out the door....and only responding to the name, Dan'l Boone.
Photo by DurtGurl
My camera is broke, still, so you'll have to enjoy some fine video filming and editing by U2Metoo:


troy said...

looks like freaky fun.
Miss you in the backcountry.

maadjurguer said...

.....and the backcountry misses me! I prolly won't be ready for tour time until the 14th...will be looking to hit it hard after that.

u2metoo said...

your rac-tail pretty much rawked.

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