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I like to ski, mountain bike, drink beer, cook and listen to any jam band I can get my hands on; all while making a complete ass of myself. Hopefully this catharsis is as interesting to others as it is to me.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I've had writers block of late.....and less inclination to photograph things of beauty; content just to put my miles in on the day's I'm not riding something major.  I have my excuses.....the drying season in the desert leaves me without color....the early season of spring leaves me without color farther north....blah, blah, blah.  They're just excuses......I'm back in a rut....I need a good long ride again....and if I can pull it off, I'll have achived that very soon......In the interim, I played around with the photo's of the last year years adventures and put them to song....credits go to Phish for the song, Bug.  All of these are taken in Arizona, with the exception of 6 which were taken in Colorado....it's up to you to figure out which 6.......


u2metoo said...

Well played, Maad. I hate trying to do compositions, so I don't even try to write on an emotional level. It aint easy writing imagery, but some how you do make it look easy.

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