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Friday, May 6, 2011

Coco is on my mind

I'm packing in a rush having just seen a weather update....my caffeine infusement from the morning is now compounding my efforts to grab all the things I need to have before loading the car, the dogs and the bike to head north.

Tomorrow morning, Saturday May 7th, I'm going to attempt the Coconino 250 as a solo. My SPOT unit will be on and you can track me through this link, or by hitting the SPOT link found at the top of the menu bar to the left of this column.

The farthest I've ever riddeen was 150miles, and that was a 3-day bikepack with Chad last summer. The only bikepack I've done solo was a hundered mile, overnighter....and that was a mind trip for sure.  I'm clearly going to be out there....but then again, that's this blog's namesake.

Wish me luck, have hope as I do that the winds are not too bad on day 2 as I ride into them...and wish for that 10% chance of rain and snow on the end of day 3 and all of day 4 to evaporate like my fears of the unknown as I push into it, one pedel stroke at a time.

Touring the Coconino. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.


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