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Monday, September 22, 2008

Off to DC

I have a business trip to DC for a few days and have arrived here on Sunday afternoon for an early start on Monday. On the last day of summer in NoVa, we decide to take a trip to our favorite brewery, Old Dominion; only to discover that they've been bought by Capitol Brewery and have closed down the brew pub in Sterling.....bummer. On to Sweetwater for their own beer, which is pretty good...but not as good as Old Dominion's. On waking up monday morning, 545 DC time....245 AZ time....I discover that my meeting is not until 100pm DC time. Ughhhhhhh. On the good news front, the new Maadjurguer mobile has left the factory in Ingolstadt and will be arriving via slow boat on 10/20. More on that later.


Justin said...

Damn dude, you won't even have to drop that one when you get it, its already ridin low. What color are you going to pimp?

Anonymous said...

Aruba Blue Pearl Effect is the color...it's about the flashiest color we could find....besides, PHX is loaded with cars that are either silver, black or red.

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