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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ty Willingham is not a good coach

Granted....OU is a pretty phenomenal team this year compared to the Huskies, but ole' Ty just can't help himself. His guys looked tired the whole time, committing stupid errors and generally looking undisciplined....kind of like his past teams. Maybe I'm being hard on the guy, but not nearly as hard as his AD will be at the end of the season if he keeps this up.

Anyhew, after watching that rout; I was feeling a little....ahem...dehydrated this morning ahead of my ride. At least the temps were down from what they were two weeks ago. However, that did not stop me for exclaiming to myself and the ants I was staring at while catching my breath that "This is f-in hot!" To add insult to injury, I got smoked heading up the hill today by a Lycra clad cardio-freak....I could hear the guy breathing 3 minutes before I even saw him. He sent the hill....I hike-a-biked part of it. This was not the hammer weekend I had anticipated a few days ago. Did just 8 miles with 1070ft of elevation gain this morning before doing some yard work. Damn OU football....too many college football games and good beer, so little time.

I'm off to go do some yard work: Crazy mesquite tree is growing into the neighbor's driveway again and the pool is looking a little swampy after last weeks rain. While I'm choking on the intolerable heat, enjoy this winter stoke from earlier this year.


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