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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy weekend

It’s shaping up to be a fun, jam packed weekend….so, in other words; normal. For starters, my computer has been buggy lately; sending me in a panic, forcing me to consider upgrading my new video card. After spending a few hours during the middle of the night troubleshooting, I’ve been able to isolate the problem to one of my video cards which is causing some rendering problems. It never ceases to get me drooling when considering the advances in technology in just 2 years time. I can basically buy a single video card right now which will equal or exceed the performance of my dual-video card set up which was top-o-the-line 2 years ago. I probably paid 700 bucks for my two 7800GT’s back then….I can now get a single 8800GT for $159 and it will pretty much give me the same performance as my dual-card set-up…..disgusting when I consider getting two of the 8800’s running in SLI. Ahh….priorities!

Secondly, I need to go buy an iPod for the anticipated delivery of the new maadjurguer mobile. I’m perhaps one of the last folks in the industrial world under the age of 35 who has yet to purchase a .mp3 player. Until solid-state HD’s come down in price, I’m forced to use the next best thing for compact car audio storage…hence the iPod. I’ll probably pick up the biggest one they make since I intend on packing it with as many moe. and Widespread Panic shows as possible. The iPod Classic 120GB should do nicely until I can get that 500GB solid-state HD installed in the glove box.

On the food front, I’ll be cooking up some good grub this Saturday night based upon one of my favorite chefs travels to the Yucatan, Rick Bayless. I'll be cooking up some Ha Si Kil Pak con tortilla de maize, Queso Rellano con Picadillo Estilo Yucateco y Pierna de Cordero. Translation: an Aztec recipe for mole made with pumpkin seed and Habanero, a round of Mexican cheese stuffed with a Yucatecan pork stuffing and a Oaxacan style pit cooked leg of lamb which is marinated in adobo and cooked in banana leaf. I’ve done the lamb in this style many times…but have been holding off on the Ha Si Kil Pak and the Queso Rellano.

Lastly, I’ll be kicking things off on Friday by an early morning round of golf with Dr. Sooner, happy hour with our favorite Iowans and catching STS9 later that night in Tempe. I don’t think I need to mention two obvious items which I’ll be partaking of this weekend, but will highlight them nonetheless. Sooner Football with beer and riding my bike. That always comes first….at least, until ski season. Good thing college football season winds down just as the snow begins to fly, otherwise I don't know what I'd do with myself.


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