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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Phish is Back!

It was just announced today on their website that they will be opening up the reunion with a 3-night run at the Hampton in March of 09'. I've already reserved the maximum of two tickets for each of the three nights to include a hotel reservation in Yorktown. The AP was reporting that hotels were selling out starting at 3am this morning based on the rumors alone. I can confirm that the hotels I found were booked solid....good thing I've been to a few shows in the area and all of the out of towners are sure to book on the other side of the river....crazy traffic through those tunnels. Staying in Yorktown will allow us to stay on terra firma and avoid I-64 completely.

I have to say that when I first saw the story, I thought it might be a scam as I was typing in my credit card...but then decided that I was willing to risk losing the money over a scam rather than potentially losing out on reserving tix's. Just thinking about this makes me want to "Split Open and Melt".


Anonymous said...

Or how about...Come Waste Your Time With Me??

Can't wait for the reunion in VA :)

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