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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of these images is not like the other one

After the soaking we've had the past two days and the snow level dropping to 3500 ft last night, I decided to take a spin out at Hawes prior to my 2 day, midweek escape up north for some snow turns...post on that later. The air was crisp, my lungs felt fine, the clouds were magical.....and then this. Last ride I took I noticed my chain was a bit squirrely and was ghost shifting every once in a while, but a quick adjustment of the low-limit screw seemed to fix it.....but it really felt like crap today and after a bit of climbing, I took a closer look....

After a swap of the bad links for some spares, I was rolling as good as new and looking forward to the final climb up to the hill to see if I could get a good pic of 4-Peaks, snow-capped in the evening light. No go....it was covered in clouds, but the California Poppies were just about to pop.

And last but not least, the obligatory pic of Red Mountain....looking Red


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