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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trail Sanitizers should rot in hell

I rode Hawes today and started a descent into a section we like to call Disneyland....it's called that because it's so much fun...tight and twisty, boulders which sometimes reach out and clip your feet.....or it used to be that way.

See....some folks who think they are "improving" the trail removed a large boulder and made what was a somewhat challenging feature nothing more challenging than a sidewalk. I learned to ride on this trail...what was once challenging is now easy. However, if that feature had not been there....I would not have learned steering control on the descent or while climbing. I clipped my pedals there a couple of times back in the day...and it taught me to be more conscious of my pedal stroke.

Now....some folks are attempting to make things easier....not by learning how to become better...but by modifying conditions to suit their own shitty abilities...the classic merican' dream.....football teams with no losers, 12th place ribbons, investment firms with no posted losses, etc.

These people make me sick. It's the same as the Suzuki method of violin teaching. Ohh yeah....I'm also a classically trained violinist....something I don't talk about much; but contributes to my arrogance and general sense of superiority...there, I've said it. But being a perfectionist, and generally pretty good at it has it's personal costs....anyhew....I digress.

Suzuki was a guy in Japan (I hope he's rotting in hell and chained to the guy who invented Muzak) who would take classic masterpieces of music by the likes of Mozart, Handel, Holst, Beethoven, etc....and dress down the music. All so he could teach 10,000 3 year olds how to "play" the violin in a soccer stadium....don't believe me?....google it.

Mozart wrote that piece of art to sound a specific way....if you can't play it the way he wrote it.....then you suck. There's no way around this....you suck. But don't fret...because you still have a way to not suck....you just have to pick between one of the following options: 1) Learn to not suck or, 2) QUIT! There's no shame in saying you can't do it...you either practice until you can do it...or just quit and say it's not for you.

Same situation here. So...I've drawn up a flyer I'm going to post up at all the trailheads.


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