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Friday, April 16, 2010

Bust It Big

Yesterday was dreadful; with colors of black and grey painting the inside of the office belonging to the HR representative.  After 13 years with the company, I was no longer....with the company.  Waking today, I felt a sense of renewal I have not felt in a long time....the path before me was barren, the horizon was open and the course to plot was mine and mine alone to choose.  This is the feeling I've always felt before riding something I have not ridden before.  The type of commitment one makes to ride a long distance, solo, in uncharted territory is invigorating to me; focusing my abilites into a precision laser that pierces through the little stuff and seeks the true goal.

Pulling away from home on LaFawnduh, I cranked up the volume on my iPod and started listening to some Widespread Panic - 6/27/08, Red Rocks...I was there, and yet here I was again.  The sounds of JB singing into the mic on 'Old Neighborhood' brought me back to the soft pastel hues of the red sandstone forming the amphitheater at Red Rocks.

The climb up mudflaps lately has been gitting a bit grittier and a bit chunkier.  The dry season starting to take it's toll, I noticed a few more speed bumps to negotiate.  Bumps that rob my speed as I'm trying to maintain momentum and traction...similar to the feelings of negotiating the current job market in search of a paycheck.  As 'Who Do You Belong To' blasted through my ears, I found myself screaming out in unison with JB as flashes of yellow flew by.

Continuing up the climb on Twisted Sister, I looked up and saw the green sticking out of Big Rock....."I can't ever remember seeing Big Rock with so much green growing out of it" I muttered to myself as 'North' began to play out on the iPod.  Very similar to my 1st impression of Red Rocks the first time I saw a show there years ago....."I've never seen so much green......"

The lyrics of 'North' have always resonated with me.....

"I go north, the sun it hurts my eyes
But I don't really care, they're all drowning down here

So I will disappear, I will disappear"

I've always gone north to escape the suffocating conformity of the megalopolis, and today once again; I was heading north into the Tonto on my bike.  Starting the descent onto Wild Horse, 'Vampire Blues' played and was followed by 'Makes Sense To Me'.  Today started with a feeling in my soul....this ride was starting to turn into an epiphany on wheels.  It DID make sense to me.....everything.

Stopping to shoot some of the hot pink Hedgehog cactus blooms, I noticed the clouds moving in and obscuring the previously brilliant blue of the sky....and like that....the 1st set of the show I was listening to ended....the curtain was closing.  Starting up the 2nd set of the evenings show, I cranked out the miles on Wild Horse....and then 'Bust It Big' came on....I've always loved this song.  My legs responded in kind by upping the power as I shifted into a bigger gear....and that's what I've felt the rest of the day.....I'm going to bust it big.


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