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Monday, September 29, 2008

Stay thirsty my friends

The cut is healing up on my hand thanks to some medical super glue. I was able to take my first ride in 10 days today and it felt pretty good. I took it easy though since I've noticed it takes my knees (IT band) a while to get back into the groove. Plenty of stretching and low-angle rides for me until I get things springy again. Hopefully I will be ready to hammer down on a long day this Friday since it is my off-day. Taking a week off due to an injury sometimes does more damage than good. I'm also looking forward to getting back to the weights since I was unable to do anything to include a simple push up as long as the gash kept splitting.

On the OU-texas front, Bevo shipped today and is arriving on Wednesday. I ordered one extra rack for use during some preliminary tests based upon two different theories as to how to tenderize this tough cut of meat with a marinade. The back ribs are generally lean and tough on a corn-fed cow...so the Longhorn being extremely lean will provide for an even tougher back rib. I'll give a full after-action report this weekend, but I will say one marinade we will test with is a live-culture yogurt and buttermilk marinade, the other will use Dr. Pepper. Obviously one approach is the bio approach utilizing enzymes to break down the meat; the other is the chem approach to use the acidity to break down the meat. The rest of the preparation will be the same (Tuck Fexas rub, slow and low with mesquite smoke). I also have the Oklahoma grown pecans arriving on Thursday as well as a gallon of Jakes Rib sauce from none other than.....Jakes Rib in Chickasha, OK. Lastly, Dr. Sooner down the street has generously paid for and ordered a keg which we will be picking up early the morning of Friday the 10th. I guess I could also mention that OU is now in the #1 spot thanks to some horrible performances by USC, Florida, Georgia and a bunch of other teams which should not have lost...but it's all moot until we send Bevo packin.

And last but not least: Not to be outdone by himself, Dr. Sooner is not only providing the beer, he has also arranged for a special guest appearance by Billy Sims. Stay thirsty my friends.


Anonymous said...

You need to fact check your links before you post them. In the wiki article on Billy Sims, it says that he won the Davy O'Brien award which, until 1981, was given to the top player from the Southwest Conference. However, in 1978, OU was not a member of the Southwest Conference and, by the grace of God, has NEVER been a member of the SWC. If memory serves correctly, OU has been a member of the Big 6, Big 8 and Big 12.

Blind posting of such an erronerous link could cause your readers to totally discredit every achievement ever accomplished by OU, by linking them to a conference which was always vastly inferior to the Big 6 and Big 8.

Anonymous said...

glad to see you sobered up long enough to bag on my wikipedia link to Billy. However.....you are wrong my friend about the SWC. OU was a member of the SWC back in the day....1915-1919. In fact, we won the very first SWC championship in 1915 and then again in 1918. In fact, the win in 1915 was the 1st ever conference championship for any sport at The University of Oklahoma. Just because of that, you will be assessed a penalty during the competition phase of the OU-texas halftime activities.

Anonymous said...

So are you claiming, by relying on your "wiki" sources, that OU was a member of the SWC in 1978? If you want to maintain any credibility, if you even had any to being with which is doubtful, the answer will be a resounding "no."

Anonymous said...

absolutely not....I will concede that the author of the wiki used a poor choice of words to describe the award of the trophy to Mr. Sims in a context which appears to state that the trophy only went to a SWC player. Clearly, this is not the case and the reader can reasonably assume that the trophy was originally slated for award to a player in the SWC, but was later expanded to include an award to a player in any conference. This standard of reasonableness can only be relied upon if the reader does not have a formal education in lawyering, or general thievery as was once suggested by yourself.

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