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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inner Basin mit schlage

Myself, morgaj4, gearjunkie, Claire, Bobby, Matt & Curtis did an IB traverse under bluebird and no wind on Saturday....

Topping out with extremely clear visibility all around us, we made our way to the ridgeline above Snowslide.

As the rest of the party joined, we started digging a pit just below ridgeline

Other than the normal depth hoar surrounding the boulders at base level, we were hard pressed to remember such a right side up profile and consistent temp profile.

Descending down the initial pitch of Snowslide, we quickly transitioned from sastrugi to light crust and then to some nice cream cheese....

Traversing north towards the core ridge side, we spotted a fading crescent moon just above ridgeline

Making the final transition to Snowslide gully, we encountered sun-softened sastrugi which was nice and creamy

After considering our options at the base of Snowslide, we did an about face and started the skin up to core ridge.

Cresting core ridge in the full sun, we took a break to eat some lunch.

Taking in the views to our north, I was struck by the amazing silence and stillness of the cirque. The only sound between us and the summit was that of a circling raven above.

Can you spot the millionaire?

Our view of the ridge looking eastward towards the painted desert.

After some lunch and some boisterous conversations regarding our desire for some lawn chairs and a hibachi, we continued the skin upwards.

The skin track was ideal with no icing or globbing to be found

Topping out at 11,700, we pulled skins and planned our 2nd descent of the day.

Gearjunkie mit schlage

Paparazzi lining up for Bobbies waltz down the catwalk

After a longer descent, we traversed over to waterline to check out how the aspen glades were fairing. The eye of the tiger had blessed us with a settled pack and covered conditions, so we skinned up to the top of the glade for our 3rd descent of the day.

Turning to the west at the top of the glade, I snapped a pic of Humprey's and the day's mantra....

Ending up the traverse on the east side, we did some bootless celebration.

A great day in all with great company, stellar conditions and a wonderful snowpack.


FraSiec said...


troy said...

looks like a great tour. more snow is in the forecast!

u2metoo said...

nice TR, I'm mulling over the idea of heading up Sunday or Monday.

Anonymous said...

Did you all see the longer range forecast coming out of NOAA.....they're talking 95' el Nino in the next two weeks based on the Jet Stream forming over Japan....forget the pinapple express.....bring me some sashimi!


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